This week, we have two messages: one for our high schoolers, and another for middle schoolers

In addition to posting two separate video messages this week, we’re launching an Easter series for both, and we’re restarting small groups — but they’re online, via the Zoom video app. After watching the message video below, students are invited to click the link and enter the code we emailed to parents Sunday morning. If we don’t have your email address, you can email Pastor Chris at to get that information.


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 – We’re starting an Easter series today that’s just for High Schoolers called HAPPY EASTER. (Real original, right?) Teens can be resistant toward fully trusting God, especially when their own thoughts and friends’ opinions play a large part, too. Relying on God takes work, but choosing to do so is always rewarding. God can fill your student’s heart in ways that no earthly thing can–even Instagram likes. That’s why in this series, we’re talking about trusting God, which can help students understand that it will bring peace!


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 – We’re starting an Easter series today that’s just for Middle Schoolers called UNDEFEATED, and it’s designed to help us remember and celebrate all that Jesus defeated for us at Easter. Because parts of the Easter story are abstract, difficult to understand, and even hard to believe, we’re breaking things down that they’ve heard about Easter (like the crucifixion and resurrection) and what they mean for their lives today.