Why Serve?

Serving is so much more than just volunteering. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else, experience life-changing spiritual and personal growth, and be involved with what God is doing in our church, community, and world. You’ll never be the same!


Serving is Action

When you serve at WINCOG, you are joining our team and our team needs you! Put your gifts and talents into action and partner with us to change lives. The truth is, we can not do ministry without you, and together we can show the world God’s love in action! (John 13:35)

Ready to Serve?

Get into Connect!

God has given you incredible and unique gifts and we want to help you figure out what they are and how to use them! Connect is a five-part video series that is designed so that you get to know Wincog and we can get to know you. We will assist you in finding your God-given gifts and will connect you to a ministry in which you can serve.